Ranking the Most Expensive Footballer from Every EPL Club

17 Nov 2014

The month of August is essentially chaos inside the transfer market. Clubs obtain the better section of three months to wheel and deal, however it inevitably concludes with teams leaving things late.

For sides like Southampton, holding onto what youve is paramount. For clubs like Sunderland or Hull City the the summer time is about improving your standing until the meat from the EPL schedule hits. To the contenders, you weigh your competitors and spend accordinglyhopefully giving yourself enough firepower to last until season’s end.

Making deals in summer time also appears to be a far more sane period. January transfers are normally rushed and ill thought ; some sides get shafted, others get richthe way around the globe in several respects.

In either event, we tend to be left wondering :

Many people cause it to be their life’s work to calculate and formulate exactly what a player is valued at depending on performance, age, previous transfers and host of other meaningful factors, so why not explore their results?




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